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Please take the time to enjoy a small selection of the artifacts that we have on display at the Museum of World War II. Every artifact in our collection has its own history, and ties to human lives. Each artifact has a small section of its story told here.

You can use this map to jump to any section of the Museum of World War 2 to view a selection of the artifacts displayed there.

You can click on any image for a larger view.

This section contains artifacts specifically about the Liberation and what it meant. America and the Allies' liberation of France inspired people to celebrate in a myriad of different ways. Many of these artifacts survive in our collection.

PLEASE NOTE: All firearms displayed at the Museum of World War II have been rendered inoperable.

Map of the Museum


UmbrellaOpen Umbrellas, pins, clothes and many other artifacts show the joy and enthusiasm that met Armerican and Allied soldiers as they liberated France and the countryside from the Nazi's grip. UmbrellaClosedwPins
VictoryBraclet Handmade Victory Bracelet showing the Allied flags.
WhitePatternGirlsDress Girls dresses showing patterns and patches commemorating the Liberation.
PlaidGirlsDress PinkGirlsDress
 ShirtwLiberationPatch ArmBands LocketEarringsJWLBox
BunnyDoll OscarDollwBook LiberationChildrensGame
Fan Toys, games and artifacts done in honor of the Liberation