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Germany in the 1920's


Please take the time to enjoy a small selection of the artifacts that we have on display at the Museum of World War II. Every artifact in our collection has its own history, and ties to human lives. Each artifact has a small section of its story told here.

You can use this map to jump to any section of the Museum of World War 2 to view a selection of the artifacts displayed there.

You can click on any image for a larger view.

This section contains artifacts specifically about Germany in the 1920's. This gives you an intimate look at life in Germany before the rise of Nazism and Hitler's ascent to power.

PLEASE NOTE: All firearms displayed at the Museum of World War II have been rendered inoperable.

Map of the Museum


Germany in the 1920's
Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I.
WWI-era German goblet and plate.
German Tapestry: With God For King and Fatherland. The Iron Cross, a symbol of Germany in World War I.
Barbed wire posts, taken from the World War I battlefield at Ypres World War I painting by Felix Schwormstaedt, one of Germany's leading illustrators during the Great War
Some of many death notices displayed of German soldiers killed in World War I.
The Versailles Treaty, which ended World War I and laid the foundation for World War II. The Museum has an original copy of the Treaty, and the silver fountain pen used by the British delegation to sign the treaty. Autograph photo showing British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, French Premier Georges Clemenceau, and United States President Woodrow Wilson at Versailles in 1919.
Frei Korps insignia and badges Frei Korps uniform
Poster of Paul von Hindenburg, WWI General and later President of Germany. Painting of the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg
Posters from the Spanish Civil War.
Poster of President Paul von Hindenburg and Adolf Hitler